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**Thyme is a low-growing aromatic plant of the mint family. 
The small leaves are used as a culinary herb, and the Plant
yields a medicinal oil and improve memory.
**The special blend of dried Thyme, Sumac, Sesame Seed and
Olive Oil is baked on Pita. A Delicious Zaatar Manousheh!!!
-Vegan Friendly

                                          Served 8:00AM – 10:30AM                                       
 -*Thyme Pie  3.50      Add Tomato  4.00
     Add Tomato & Feta Cheese         4.75 

-Bagel, Toast, Croissant or English Muffin     2.00
  W/Butter or Cream Cheese                    2.95

 2 Eggs & Cheese Sandwich, Wrap or English Muffin 3.95
 with (Bacon or Ham or Sausage) or Vegetable       4.95
 with Hashbrowns inside Sandwich or Wrap      
Add 1.00

 with Egg Whites on any Sandwich                Add 1.00

 1 Egg  1.95                          2 Eggs      3.95
 Side of Hashbrown Patty                          1.95

 Side of Cream Cheese or Butter                  1.00
 Side of Bacon (2 slices)                           1.95

Three Egg Omelettes Served W/Toast

-Cheese Omelette                                  6.50

-Western Omelette (Ham, Onions & Peppers)     7.50

-Greek Omelette (Feta cheese, Tomato,          7.50
and Black Olives)
-Bacon or Sausage or Ham Omelette              7.50

-Cholesterol Free Vegetable Omelette (5 whites) 7.95
(Egg Whites, Peppers, Onions & Tomatoes)


    Open Breakfast & Lunch
    Monday thru Friday 
    8am - 2pm


    Wraps Delight Cafe
    2600 Maitland Center Parkway
    Maitland, Florida 32751
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